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Meet fun people in your city, play games with friends, and enjoy a super social community all while staying inside!

Team Trivia

Weekly online trivia events: Themed Trivia Wednesdays and Saturday Night Trivia! Sign up solo, with a few friends, or a full team. Join our live trivia stream and meet a ton of new people during quarantine

Game Nights

Cards Against Humanity,, Scattergories, & more - we have them all! Join on your own or with some friends/significant other. Use our Slack chatroom to find people to play with.

Book Clubs

Join a book club with friends or other members of our community. Then use our Slack chatroom to set up a video call and get your virtual book club started!

Happy hours

Bar visits are currently out of the question, so pour yourself a drink and catch up with your friends with the help of Zoom or Google Hangouts. Set up a call with your friends, or join solo and meet some new people over quarantine!

Watch parties

Whether it's catching up with Carole Baskin and the rest of the Tiger King entourage, or sponging on the sofa while seeing what new drama is developing in Too Hot To Handle, our watch parties will give you a fun crew to enjoy it with.

Virtual Classes

Just because you're stuck at home doesn't mean you can't stay active or learn something new! Join a virtual class and take part in classes ranging from cooking to fitness and everything in between

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How Better Off Inside Works

Creating an account is easy, then join a community of thousands for fun virtual events and incredible people that you can hang out with in-person once lockdown ends


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Takes 30 seconds: We just need a few details about who you are and which events you're interested in.


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Once you create your account, you can then browse the list of upcoming events. Trivia nights, game nights, book decide!


Invite Friends /Join Solo

Join an event on your own, with a small group, or invite your whole crew and setup a team - it all works and is a great way to meet some fun new people.


Day of Event

You will receive an email with all the necessary info, links, etc. If you've never done a video chat before it's simple - we'll send you a guide and all you need is a computer or smartphone.


Meet Fun People

Some of the events have over a thousand people! Get to know your group whether you're doing team trivia, book club, or a virtual fitness class


Post-Quarantine Community

Although we want to make the most of quarantine, we can't wait until it's over! Start planning your post-quarantine activities and meet up once all this is over.

Find your social life under lockdown. Join our community!

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