It's the first book club (or at least virtual book club) that you've ever done - so how do you make sure you have a blast with all these new people and it's not an awkward Zoom meeting vibe?

We have a bunch of tips to make sure that you get the most from your BOI book club and are ready to have an amazing time!

Tip #1:  Do the reading!

This seems like a no-brainer, but if you haven't read what you're supposed to read, it will be really tough to contribute.  When you're reading, write down 3 questions/comments that you want to ask the group, so you'll have something to contribute or keep the convo going and aren't the quiet person on the call.

Tip #2:  Introduce yourself early

The best way to get involved and not feel awkward is to introduce yourself to the entire group early.  Normally the book club host will ask everyone to say hi and tell the group a little about them, but even if they don't, think of a few things to tell people about yourself so they remember who you are.  Then, when everyone is talking, it will be easier for you to chime in.

Tip #3: Set the scene and pick your spot

It's far more comfortable to participate in a discussion if you don't have a ton of background noise, no dogs barking or significant other vacuuming.  Find a nice quiet room, maybe get some snacks and wine or whatever you like, and be relaxed for a nice fun discussion with your new friends.

Tip #4: Resolve any tech issues early

One of the biggest things that can derail your involvement is having an unstable connection or bad sound.  If people can hear you or you can't hear them, it can be really difficult to participate in a meaningful way.  Instead, get setup a little early and test everything so you know you'll be good to go when the Zoom or Google Meet starts.

Tip #5: Relax, have fun, and don't skip a meeting!

This isn't a finals exam, it's a book club. Like all things, it may be slightly awkward the first time if nobody knows each other, but with each meeting it will get more and more casual and comfortable and discussion may go back and forth from the book to other fun topics.  Enjoy your club and be sure to connect with everyone on social media, etc so you don't lose the connection when your book club finishes.

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