Welcome to Better Off Inside's Book Club!

If this is your first book club, or at least, your first "virtual" book club, here's how it works:

  1. Register for the book club
    Pretty basic stuff.  Make sure you have the time to actually participate - it's the worst when someone drops early - and then go and click "Register" so you can sign up

  2. Pick your genre and book
    You don't have to pick just one book or genre, etc.  During registration you'll be asked questions that let us know what genres you're interested in, from Beach Reads to True Crime to Award Winning and everything in between.  Then we'll have some specific books in those genres that the club will be reading, and you can choose any books that you wouldn't be interested in (maybe you've read it before, don't like author, etc).  Once we know which genres and books you're open to, it's on to availability

  3. Specify your availability
    Maybe you're around to meet once a week, maybe once a month, maybe somewhere in between.  Maybe you're on the West Coast and want to meet at 7pm PST/10pm EST, or vice versa.  We'll ask you questions about this during registration so we pair you with people you have a similar availability with. 

  4. Serious discussion or fun wine club?
    You might want to have serious discussions about the books complex themes.  Or you may want to grab a bottle of rose and laugh about the characters in the book with your book club.  Or be open to both.  We'll ask you during registration so you can specify what works best.

  5. Wait to get matched with a great group of people
    Once we get enough signups for a book, we'll begin matching people on a rolling basis over the next week or two or three.  We try our best to make it as compatible as possible, and we're continually improving on this!  When your group is ready, you'll receive an email from us and your book club host.

  6. Consider being a book club host
    If you're really enthusiastic about having a fun book club, volunteer to be one of the hosts when you register.  You'll help organize the discussions and setup the Zoom/Google Meets.  The more book club hosts we have, the most book clubs we can have (and the better chance you have of being in the best possible book club for you ;) )

  7. Once you're matched, confirm with your group
    When you've been matched, we'll ask that you can confirm with your group that you're still good to go.  Once everyone is confirmed, you'll be nearly good to go!

  8. Buy your book and start reading!
    Once you've been matched and your book club has set a time for your first meeting, buy your book and start reading!  

  9. Join the book club meetings and enjoy!
    Now you should be all set with your book club, so you can order some nice food, sit down with your laptop, and enjoy an amazing group of people and a great book

More questions?  Email us at [email protected] and we'd be happy to answer them!

And, if you have any photos of you and your book club, please send them to us, we'd love to share them on our instagram and social media!

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