Finding a gift for someone can be a joy or a pain, but done right it can absolutely make someone's day.

Here are a few tips and tricks to coming up with the best possible gift for your Secret Santa!

Tip #1 - Start with what you know

You can never go wrong starting with what you already know about the person.  If they told you in their bio they love a specific sports team, that's a great hint that they might appreciate a T-shirt, a mug, a bobble-head, etc with that team!  Or, if they list a particular author, maybe the author's latest book?  It's hard to go wrong when you follow your match's lead.

Tip #2 - Google is your friend

There are always people who spend more time on thing kind of thing than you will, so let it work for you!  A quick google search of "awesome secret santa gifts" can give you a ton of fun options like a 'people of Walmart' calendar or customized face socks.  The possibilities are endless.

Tip #3 - Treats are never a bad idea

It's Christmas and everyone doesn't have to worry about New Year's Resolutions yet.  Everyone enjoys a guilty pleasure candy or snack, and unlike other gifts, it's hard to get these wrong.  If they mention anything in their profile about a favorite food or snack, consider packing a few in as a present (just make sure it's not just a few bucks of old Halloween candy).  But everyone loves a good pack of strawberry gushers!

Tip #4 -  Keep an eye on Amazon delivery

A gift is only as good as its ability to get to you.  Make sure you check Amazon's delivery date, because late January probably won't cut it. 

Tip #5 - It's the thought that counts

Nobody expects to get a Lamborghini from their Secret Santa.  But a thoughtful letter or note combined with a gift that might lift someone up when they're feeling down can mean the world to someone.  If money is tight, getting something that your match would really appreciate can be a lot more powerful than getting them something expensive.  You never know when a small gift and uplifting letter from a stranger can make all the difference.

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