Our Secret Santa is pretty easy to handle, just register, get a gift, and send it out!  That said, we do have some rules and recommendations for making sure you do it right!

Secret Santa Rules:

  1. Send a good gift - It's easy to get someone a gift, but they probably won't be happy with a shirt 2 sizes too small.  Read your match's bio and info, and try to think of something fun that they would like.  It doesn't have to be expensive, but it should be thoughtful.

  2. Mail it before Christmas -  The entire point is that your match gets to open your gift for Christmas and it adds a bit of cheer to the holiday.  Figure out where they are, and how long it will take to get there.  

  3. If you like your gift, let them (us) know! -  Everyone loves a feel-good story.  If your Secret Santa includes their email on their note and you love their gift, maybe shoot them an email with you enjoying it!  And send us one or tag us at @better_off_inside too!

Secret Santa Tips:

  1. Shop early! - There isn't always a lot of turnaround, and sometimes items make take a while to ship from Amazon, so give yourself plenty of time and try to do your shopping the day (or a day or two after) you get matched!  It will make everything less stressful.

  2. Be original! - The more custom and original the gift, the better. 

  3. Consider combining - You don't need to get one BIG gift, you can also get a few little fun gifts, like a mug with their sports team, their favorite snack, etc.

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