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Our Trivia nights don't have an *official* prize but that doesn't mean you're playing for nothing! We have tons of teams playing every week so coming in 1st place isn't easy so we use "Groups" (they are similar to divisions in pro sports) that shrink down the people you're playing against each week.

Before trivia even starts you're auto assigned to a Group of teams and if you finish in 1st place in your Group you get promoted to our "Pro Group". Our "Pro Group" is made up of our best teams who all play against each other each week. Here's the thing though, if you want to stay a Pro, you have to play every week! So if you miss a week of trivia you will be placed back into general population and have to win your Group again to be promoted to the "Pro Group"

We keep a running tally of our Pro Teams and how long they've been Pros. Think you can beat anyone's record?

Live Pro Category Leaderboard:

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