Unless you are a die-hard college basketball fan filling out a bracket and deciding the winner of dozens of basketball games can seem a little bit intimidating. We pulled together a few strategies (of varying degrees of quality) on how to best fill out your March Madness Bracket.

Go with the experts

Sounds easy right? That's because it is. Every news outlet has their own in-house expert giving the *definitive* March Madness Bracket picks and if you're not sure which team to choose this may be a good option. A quick Google search will give you dozens of "sure things" so start reading!

All underdogs all the time

If you love upsets or pulling for the little guy this is the one for you! Upsets are always going to happen in the tournament but predicting when they'll hit is what makes it tough. Experts tend to shy away from the upset picks so if you know most people are going by the numbers, this might be the strategy that wins you the pool.

Choose by mascot

This is probably the least scientific option but arguably the most fun. Throw everything you know (or don't know) about basketball out the window and pick your winners on who has a cooler mascot. From Sparty from Michigan State, Otto the Orange from Syracuse, or The Oregon Duck, there is no shortage of fun mascots to choose from.

Go with your gut

No one has ever gotten a perfect bracket so there really is no strategy that is proven to work. The tournament is so unpredictable that you can pour hours of work and research into filling it out and still come in last. The easiest way to make a choice between an 8th and a 9th seed match up? Just going with what *feels* right.

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