Refund Policy

We try our best to be as flexible with refunds as possible while also dealing with the fact that sometimes they may not be possible if our vendors have already been paid.

Many of our events are free, and so there is no refund possible for those types of events.

For any events that are run by Better Off Inside that are paid, we require at least 1 week of notice beforehand in order to cancel and process a refund to the customer.

For any events that are run by a third party but hosted on Better Off Inside, the refund terms are up to the third party and not controlled by Better Off Inside.

For all subscriptions, we require 1 week notice to cancel for monthly and annual billing memberships (for instance, if you want to cancel your April membership, you must contact Better Off Inside at least ONE WEEK before April 1). To cancel, you can email us at [email protected] or go through the normal billing feature on the website.

Thank you! And please email us at [email protected] with any questions!